image of people at house fellowship conference



The position of the Parish Coordinator is important in the administration of the House Fellowship Department. His duty involves the following:

  1. The Parish Coordinator has oversight functions over all House Fellowship centers in the Parish.   He visits, at least, one House Fellowship center per week

At the center, he observes the following on his visit:

  1. He provides counsel and encouragement to the leaders and members during his visit. Pastor Macauly Assistant National coordinator Housefellowship Pastor Macaulay, Assistant National Coordinator HFDuring the follow-up visit, he reviews the previous reports and comments with the leaders.
  1. HOUSE FELLOWSHIP LEADER: House Fellowship Leader Has responsibility for one House Fellowship Centre.  He works closely with the Assistant House Fellowship leader and the Host / Hostess.
  2. HOST / HOSTESS OF THE HOUSE FELLOWSHIP CENTRE: The fellowship takes place in the house or office of believers appropriately called the host or hostess. He must have gift of hospitality and be regular at the fellowship meetings.


The following are involved in house fellowship centre administration:
i.          House Fellowship Leader: He is the leader around whom everything in the House Fellowship will revolve
ii.         Assistant House Fellowship Leader:   He takes over when the leader is not around.  When a House Fellowship Centre grows to the extent of dividing into two, the Assistant House Fellowship Leader takes over the new center while another one is appointed among the members for the old one.
iii.        Treasurer: Collects and keep all offerings in the fellowship and complete all necessary records and documentations.
iv.        Secretary: Records the names and personal data of all the members of the fellowship as well as attendance records
v.         Prayer   Leader:   Keeps   records   of prayer requests,   leads   in prayer as appropriate and encourages each member to grow in his/her personal prayer life.
vi.        Worship Leader: Co-ordinates the praise and worship sessions as appropriate.
vii.       Social / Welfare Leader: He/she is in charge of hospitality and welfare of the fellowship.
viii.      Evangelism Leader: Co-ordinates the evangelism activities of the fellowship. However, it is the responsibility of all fellowship members to be involved in witnessing, soul winning and follow-up in the community in which the House Fellowship is located.