Pastor J.B. Oduwole

National Coordinator House Fellowship
Pastor Tunde Oduwole, National Coordinator

2017 Province based House Fellowship Conference

image of provincial conference program


Welcome to the 2017 Province based House Fellowship Conference with the Theme: Rapid Church Growth: House Fellowship as a catalyst.
God is interested in the growth of His Church, regardless of the denominational label.

Church Growth is a movement that investigates the nature, function, structure, health and multiplication of Christian Churches as they relate to effective implementation of Christ’s commission to ‘Go, then, to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples.’ Matthew 28: 19 – 20. Biblical Strategies for Church Growth include: Strong Biblical Leadership, Mobilization of the Laity, Practical, Sound Biblical Teaching, Fellowship of the Believers, Worship, Prayers, Faith and Answers to Prayers, Evangelistic Outreaches, Creativity, Resourcefulness, Building and Finance.

One of the catalysts of Church Growth is House Fellowship which is a meeting (small group) that holds in a house, church building, office, under the tree, shop, store, etc where believers, unbelievers, children, teenagers and adults, men and women at various levels of spirituality congregate to study the Word of God and pray.

House Fellowship Centers are easy to start; they are relaxed and informal; they are evangelistic tools, facilitate training of Pastors and leaders, economical and can solve the problem of growth.

As a catalyst, House Fellowship plays important roles in Church Growth. These include the following:

  1. House Fellowship is capable of meeting the needs of the members in a way that large congregation will not be able to do.
  2. A well – organized House Fellowship system is a very efficient tool for Church Growth.
  3. House Fellowship creates a sense of membership among the people. Each member sees him/herself as belonging to the cell as a unit and the church as a whole. This sense of belonging enhances growth.
  4. House Fellowship breeds unity in the church. It does this by creating unity among the cell members.
  5. Neighborhood evangelism is made easier through House Fellowship especially the people group and proximity approaches.
  6. House Fellowship does not cost as much to run as a full fledge church building, yet it consistently proves to be more efficient.
  7. 7. A well-organized House Fellowship system eliminates clique formation and informal groups. This elimination is possible because the number of members in a House Fellowship Centre is kept to the barest minimum.

As you come to this year’s conference be prepared to receive the best from the Lord; and, be ready to revive the House Fellowship Centers in your Areas of jurisdiction. Let them become catalysts for Church Growth.House Fellowship system should run ascare unit; and, should be involved in community works for effective witness. Be an encourager too. As you go back home after this meeting begin to use House Fellowship as an instrument of evangelism. Be your brothers’ keeper and ensure that evangelism and visitation of house fellowship members who fail to attend meetings is made compulsory in your Area of jurisdiction.

My prayer is that the Almighty God will bless you richly in Jesus name, Amen.

Pastor Tunde Oduwole

National Coordinator
RCCG House Fellowship Unit