Pastor J.B. Oduwole

National Coordinator House Fellowship
Pastor Tunde Oduwole, National Coordinator

2017 Regional based House Fellowship Conference

image of regional conference program


Welcome to the 2017 Regional based House Fellowship Conference with the Theme: Complete Restoration of Church Growth Revival through House Fellowship Centers.

I am convinced that if the message of Jesus Christ is to have integrity and validity for our time, it must speak to the issues of Complete Restoration of Church Growth Revival through House Fellowship Centers.

Brethren, we are in the 21st Century. One of the most important needs of the Church in this age is complete restoration of Church Growth Revival through House Fellowship Centers.
The 21st Century has challenges, which include the following: One, the 21st Century is an age of revolution, transition and changes. Digital telecommunications technology is widely used by most of the world. There is the internet and related technologies. By 2013, about 80% of the world's population used mobile phones. An estimated 33% owned personal computers in 2010, and 46% used the Internet by 2016, compared to about 1% in 1996.
Two, it is an age of desperation. It is an age when a large number of people is desperate to build their Rome in a single day.
Three, it is an age of inequality and rebellion. Casual observation reveals that tremendous gaps separate the haves from the haves not, black from white, the rich from the poor, young from old and labour from management. The young, the coloured, the poor, the haves not, are now in open rebellion and revolution against the established institutions of our time.
Four, it is an age of unrighteousness. Sin is no longer frowned at; neither is it seen as ugly and destructive. Unrighteousness is now celebrated in high and lofty places and youths no longer have regard for the Word of God. This is an age where demon worship is celebrated in the Altar of righteousness. It is an age where demonic rituals have replaced prayers and fasting.

Church Growth Revival through House Fellowship Centers must therefore address the following:

  1. Must harmonize the belief of the New Testament Church on Goal Setting, using proven principles of church growth and applying the system of home cell groups. By using the system of Home Cell Groups, a cell (or Centre) divides into two when it reaches a membership of more than fifteen families.
  2. Should ensure that House Fellowship committed to members’ retainers. The house fellowship ministry should be elevated above the level of mere extension of the church, but rather, should be saddled with the responsibility of follow up of new believers.
  3. Should emphasize that House fellowship as a care unit, should also be involved in community works for effective witness at the grass roots level; and, there should also be a direct working relationship of the house fellowship unit with the corporate social responsibility arm of the province so that evangelism can be enhanced.
  4. Should encourage that in all meetings of the Church, both at local and national level, it should be announced that before anyone can be recognized as a member of the church he or she must belong to a house fellowship center and be actively involved.
  5. Should ensure that all ministers should have house fellowship centers they attend and actively identify with. To effect this, more senior pastors of the church should be drafted to the house fellowship unit as leaders, coordinators and supervisors who move around to see to the welfare of each center.
  6. Should see to it that evangelism and visitation of house fellowship members who fail to attend meetings should henceforth be made compulsory. House Fellowship members should be encouraged to visit their colleagues. Moreover, it should be a must for house fellowship leaders to visit those who absent from meetings, the exact day their absence is observed.
  7. Should encourage that Pastors in charge of parishes are mandated to have periodic meetings with house fellowship leaders during which the latter are encouraged to work for God because there is a reward for doing so.
  8. Should ensure that House Fellowship growth and development at Parish, Area, Zonal and Provincial levels are used as part of the compulsory National Criteria for promotion of church leaders at all levels.
  9. Should ensure that there be no more interruption of House Fellowship meetings with other Church activities, except there are other directives from the General Overseer.
  10. Should encourage that when a new Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God is established, five units should start operation immediately. These are: Counselling, Follow Up, New Believers Class, House Fellowship and Workers in Training Units.

As you come to this year’s conference be prepared to receive the best from the Lord; and, be ready to revive Church growth through mass development of viable House Fellowship Centers in your Areas of jurisdiction.

My prayer is that the Almighty God will bless you richly in Jesus name, Amen.

Pastor Tunde Oduwole

National Coordinator
RCCG House Fellowship Unit