Pastor Dare Ajayi

Be Wise

Be Wise:

“And the ark of the LORD continued in the house of Obededom the Gittite three Months: and the LORD blessed Obededom and all his household”
2 Samuel 6:11.



THouse fellowship can be defined as a meeting in a house, an office, market place, etc where believers, unbelievers and people at different levels of spiritual maturity gather at an agreed and particular day and time of the week to share the Word of God.

This is carried out in an atmosphere of love, praising, worshiping and praying together; sharing experiences on what the Lord has done or doing in their lives; building up one another and witnessing through their actions and activities to the community in which the fellowship is based; living together in the community of faith and helping each other; through the good relationships established, in various areas of needs; and, in doing these, the fellowship members, the community and others derive benefits and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is spread, in good manners, souls are won and the community of believers is enlarged.

House Fellowship Centers are easy to start; they are relaxed and informal; they are evangelistic tools, facilitate training of Pastors and leaders, economical and can solve the problem of growth.
House Fellowship is a concept that embraces two ideas. One is the idea of House Church or Home Church. The second is the idea of Cell Church.

House church, or home church

This term is used to describe an independent assembly of Christians who gather in a home. Sometimes this occurs because the group is small, and a home is the most appropriate place to gather. Sometimes it is because the group is a member of an underground Christian movement, which is otherwise banned from meeting, as in China.

Cell Church or Cell Group Church

The term cell group is derived from biology: the cell is the basic unit of life in a body. In a metaphorical sense, just as a body is made up of many cells that give it life, the cell church is made of cell groups that give it life.

Cell group is a form of church organization. Cell groups are generally intended to teach the Bible and personalize Christian fellowship. They are known by a variety of other names, including growth groups, connect groups, care groups, life groups, fellowship groups, small groups and home groups.

The cell group differs from the house church in that the group is part of an overall church congregation, whereas the house church is a self-contained congregation.