To effect prompt implementation of the growth programs of the Redeemed Christian Church of God on church planting and house fellowship development at the grass root level by using the House fellowship as an instrument of Evangelism

To accomplish the aforementioned Mandate, we seek to fulfill the following objectives:
  • Growth: To ensure commitment of House Fellowship Leaders to follow up, New Believers' Class Training and New Comers Preservation

  • Relevance: To encourage relevance of House Fellowship to Church Growth through Mass reproduction of House Fellowship Leaders

  • Awareness: To create awareness on the need for parishioners, in all their parishes of RCCG, to attend House Fellowship meetings and release their homes for house Fellowship specifically, we target first Sundays of each Month as House Fellowship awareness day in all Parishes of RCCG.

  • Church Planting: To help in Church Planting by identifying and translating House Fellowship Centers, with large population, to full fledged Parishes of RCCG.

  • Evangelism: To Liaise with Parishes of RCCG to actualize the goals of the Mission on Evangelism by mobilizing House Fellowship members for personal or Mass Evangelism, especially on the last Saturdays of each Month.